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Trailbreaker Deluxe Class 14cm War for Cybertron Earthrise

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Dive into the heart of the battle for Cybertron with Trailbreaker, the kind-hearted defensive strategist. His unwavering dedication to protecting his allies makes him an indispensable warrior on the battlefield.

  • 18-Step Transformation : In just 18 steps, transform Trailbreaker from intrepid robot mode to all-terrain Cybertronian vehicle, ready to take on any terrain on Cybertron and beyond.

  • Impenetrable Defense : Equipped with his legendary energy shield, Trailbreaker offers unparalleled protection to his allies, protecting them from the most devastating attacks.

  • Robust Arsenal : Armed to the teeth, he has combat accessories that make him formidable in any confrontation.

Included: 1 figure, 2 accessories, and instructions.

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liviaa-m Verified Review

super fast and neat! I recommend

flavien.pir Verified Review

Careful and fast shipping

I recommend !

sarainfantas Verified Review

Fantastic comprador. 100% recommended.

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Trailbreaker Deluxe Class 14cm War for Cybertron Earthrise

Trailbreaker Deluxe Class 14cm War for Cybertron Earthrise


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