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Stickers for Pack of 5 Autobots Legacy United

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  • Quality recognized by collectors
  • Precision pliers offered
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Discover our ToyHax upgrade kit with more than 200 details designed for the United 5 Autobot Multipack legacy pack! Transform your Jazz, Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, Hound and Trailbreaker with precision stickers for an unrivaled look. Reveal the hidden potential and splendor of your Autobots. ToyHax, the ultimate metamorphosis!

ToyHax stickers are recognized for their quality and precision. You can always transform your figurine once the stickers have been applied.

Visit our blog to find a complete tutorial on installing ToyHax stickers

Add your precision pliers to the basket below and enter the code TOYHAX when finalizing your first order of ToyHax stickers.

Founded 24 years ago in Canada, Reprolabels was initially focused on creating G1 stickers.
About 7 years ago, moved to a new website, alongside and, to form

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liviaa-m Verified Review

super fast and neat! I recommend

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Careful and fast shipping

I recommend !

sarainfantas Verified Review

Fantastic comprador. 100% recommended.

Stickers for Pack of 5 Autobots Legacy United

Stickers for Pack of 5 Autobots Legacy United

Sale price   €49,99 Regular price   €69,95

ToyHax Power Overview

Very popular among the community, the Improvement Stickers kit for Jazz Studio Series 86 is undoubtedly the most successful of all!

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