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Hardhead 14cm Generations Retro Headmaster

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Hardhead, the tough and stubborn Autobot, is back in the Generations Retro range!

  • Inspired by the original G1 design : The retro Hardhead Headmaster figure is inspired by the original G1 released in 1987.
  • 14-Step Transformation : Convert Hardhead from robot to tank mode in 14 quick and easy steps.
  • Head converts to Headmaster : The head of the Hardhead figure converts to Autobot Duros, the tank commander.
  • Retro Pack : Inspired by the original G1 packaging, this pack features the Transformers G1 logo, character design and classic fight scene between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Included: 1 figure, 2 accessories and instructions.

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Once again, shipping is very fast and protected. The shipping box was damaged during transport, but thanks to the packaging in the package, the product box has nothing.


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Hardhead 14cm Generations Retro Headmaster

Hardhead 14cm Generations Retro Headmaster


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