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Les Meilleurs Transformers de 2023: Guide Ultime pour les Collectionneurs

The Best Transformers of 2023: Ultimate Guide for Collectors

The Best Transformers of 2023: Ultimate Guide for Collectors

The Transformers have captured imaginations since their introduction in the 1980s, and the fascination with these iconic robots continues to grow. In 2023, the Transformers lineup continues to evolve, offering collectors new and exciting figures to add to their collections. In this guide, we explore the best Transformers of the year, from heroic Autobots to fearsome Decepticons.

1. Optimus Prime - The Legendary Leader

Optimus Prime, the iconic leader of the Autobots, remains a centerpiece in any Transformers collection. In 2023, Optimus returns with improved details and a smoother transformation ability, embodying courage and justice.

2. Bumblebee - The Brave Spy

Bumblebee, known for his loyalty and courage, continues to charm fans with his new version . Featuring a refined design and Chevrolet Camaro licenses, Bumblebee is a must-have for fans of all ages.

3. Megatron - The Powerful Adversary

Megatron, the formidable leader of the Decepticons, returns in 2023 with an imposing figurine. His transformation into vehicle mode is more impressive than ever, making him a worthy rival to Optimus Prime.

4. Ironhide - The Faithful Warrior

Ironhide, known for his bravery and strength, is perfect for those looking for a tough and reliable Autobot. Its 2023 figurine stands out for its exceptional resistance and realistic details.

5. Mirage - The Master of Invisibility

Mirage, the camouflage expert, brings a touch of intrigue to any collection. With its unique ability to become "invisible", it offers an innovative gaming experience.

6. Scourge - The Relentless Hunter

Scourge, one of the most intimidating antagonists, is a spectacular addition to the 2023 series. His dark and menacing design perfectly captures his role as a ruthless hunter in the Transformers universe.

7. Maximals - The New Generation

The Maximals , a new generation of Transformers, will appear in 2023. These characters, inspired by nature and animals, bring a creative and innovative dimension to the Transformers saga.


Whether you're a long-time Autobot fan, an admirer of Megatron's tricks, or a newcomer to the Transformers universe, 2023 offers an incredible range of figures to enrich your collection. Each Transformer cited here represents not only a piece of history from this iconic franchise but also a work of technological art. Collectors and fans will undoubtedly find what they are looking for among these incredible figurines.

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